SIGMOD - Special Interest Group on Management of Data


The ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data is an association for students and professionals interested in research, development, and deployment of solutions to large-scale data management problems. The scope of interests that members bring to SIGMOD is wide, with an almost equal mix of people from industry and from academia. SIGMOD sponsors an annual conference that is regarded as one of the most important in the field.


SIGMOD benefits for FY 2018:

Member Benefits provided to SIGMOD Members:

There are two categories of membership, namely SIGMOD Online and SIGMOD Print, in addition to Student membership.
  • Online members receive:
    • SIGMOD Online
      • Information about SIGMOD
      • SIGMOD Record electronically (4 issues per year)
      • SIGMOD/PODS conference proceedings online (available before the conference)
      • SIGMOD Anthology and DiSC metadata, linking to physical media, as well as the ACM Digital Library
      • A bundle of SIGMOD-related publications made available through the ACM Digital Library (previously provided on DVD as SIGMOD DiSC)
      • A blog on “hot topics” in databases
      • Database resources (e.g., public domain software, list of graduating grad students)
    • Access to content from SIG sponsored and co-sponsored events in the ACM Digital Library
    • Discounted registration fees at events in-cooperation or sponsored by SIGMOD, including the SIGMOD/PODS conference
    • A social networking presence to disseminate community news
  • Print members receive:
    • All benefits of Online members, plus
    • SIGMOD Record print edition (4 issues per year)
  • Student members receive:
    • All benefits of Online Members

Community Benefits provided by SIGMOD:

  • Access at SIGMOD Online to a range of content, including the following:
    • Information about SIGMOD
    • A blog on “hot topics” in databases
    • Database resources (e.g., public domain software, list of graduating grad students)
    • Historical materials collected by or commissioned by SIGMOD (e.g., an oral history of Charles Bachman, one of the pioneers of database field)
  • A social networking presence to disseminate community news

SIGMOD supports the following activities that benefit the Community:

  • Support for DBLP - a bibliography of computer science publications
  • Cooperation with ETH Zurich on the PubZone non-profit discussion forum for publications in the database community
  • Sponsorship of the annual SIGMOD and PODS conferences; co-sponsorship of DEBS, SIGKDD, SOCC, WSDM, and other conferences/workshops on occasion; sponsorship of the workshops held at the annual SIGMOD/PODS conference
  • The SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovation Award and the SIGMOD Contributions Award
  • The SIGMOD Systems Award
  • The SIGMOD Best Paper and the Test-of-Time Best Paper awards
  • The SIGMOD Jim Gray Dissertation Award
  • The SIGMOD Programming Contest
  • Undergraduate and graduate scholarships to enable undergraduate and graduate students to attend the SIGMOD/PODS conferences and other events on occasion
  • A book donation program that contributes books collected from SIGMOD/PODS conference attendees to research institutions in needy countries
  • The SIGMOD/VLDB Traveling Speakers Program that organizes multi-day visits to major campuses in a chosen country by a pair of senior database researchers. This program is under development.
  • A platform to automate and support the repeatability of experiments. This platform is currently under test within the SIGMOD community.
  • Research Highlights: A collection of best papers on data management that are relevant to the larger computer science community.

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