SIGMM - Special Interest Group on Multimedia Systems


The ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. SIGMM sponsors the ACM Multimedia Conference series and ad hoc workshops on emerging areas of multimedia. In addition, SIGMM supports the upcoming "ACM Transactions on Multimedia, Applications, and Computing" (TOMCCAP, early 2005) and the SIGMM Website which contains forums and other relevant material. All SIGMM publications are available through the ACM Digital Library. SIGMM members receive a copy of the ACM Multimedia Conference proceedings on CD and a significant discount on registration fees for SIGMM sponsored events.

SIGMM Bylaws

SIGMM benefits for FY 2018

Member Benefits provided to SIGMM Members:

  • Subscription to quarterly SIGMM e-newsletter (SIGMM Records) , stored and searchable in ACM DL, issued quarterly(containing headline news from SIGMM members, job opportunities, standards, top papers lists, funding opportunities, project highlights, PhD theses abstracts)
  • a single registration fee to the ACM SIGMM Multimedia Conference includes passes to all paper/demo sessions, open-source software track, grand challenges, free tutorials, art exhibition, workshops and social networking, including reception, and banquet
  • Subscription to moderated SIGMM mailing list  – containing information about:
    • SIGMM sponsored or in-cooperation conferences and workshops
    • Positions (industry, postdocs, graduate students, faculty) in the area of multimedia
    • Awards, nominations
  • Discounted registration fee for SIGMM members at fully sponsored SIGMM venues
  • Access to SIGMM-related content in ACM Digital Library

Community Benefits Provided by SIGMM:

  • Full Sponsorship and organization of the ACM SIGMM Multimedia Conference, Tutorials, and several ACM Multimedia-Collocated Workshops
  • Full Sponsorship and Organization of the ACM Multimedia Systems (MMSys) Conference, and several co-located workshops (NOSSDAV, MoVid, and MMVE)
  • Full Sponsorship and Organization of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) Conference
  • Full Sponsorship and Organization of the ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security (IH&MMSec)
  • Financial support of SIGMM multimedia arts program at the ACM Multimedia conference
  • Financial Support of SIGMM China and SIGMM Bay Area Chapters
  • Technical Achievement Award given annually at the ACM SIGMM Multimedia conference
  • Rising Star Award given annually at the ACM SIGMM Multimedia conference
  • Best PhD Thesis Award given annually at the ACM Multimedia conference
  • Best Paper, Best Student Paper Awards, Best Demonstration, Best Open Source Software, Best Short Paper, Grand Challenge Prize Awards, Best Art Exhibit at the ACM Multimedia conference.
  • Co-sponsorship of several SIGMM-relevant conferences and workshops.
  • Most of the SIGMM Website available as a resource to the whole multimedia community.
  • Access to ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Journal  (TOMM) with Digital Library Subscription
  • Nicolas Georganas Best Paper Award from TOMM publications
  • Best associate editor award for TOMM editorial board given annually at the ACM Multimedia conference
  • Travel Grants for student, traveling to several SIGMM sponsored conferences, including  ACM Multimedia, ICMR, and MMSys
  • Organization of Frontiers of Multimedia Workshop at ACM Multimedia Conference
  • Organization of 'Networking of Multimedia Women' event at ACM Multimedia conference
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