SIGMIS - Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems


The ACM Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems promotes best-practice and research in the management of information systems and technologies and the use of these systems and technologies. SIGMIS is a sponsor of several conferences on information systems and technology. As one of the oldest of ACM's SIGS, SIGMIS traces its beginning back to 1961, and for decades has been instrumental in defining and developing the field of management and information systems. The annual Computer Personnel Research (CPR) Conference is unique in its role of gathering together MIS professionals.


SIGMIS Benefits FY 2018

Member Benefits Provided to SIGMIS Members:

  • Subscription to The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems (Data Base, for short), a peer-reviewed quarterly publication devoted to communicating advances in research and best practice in MIS.  For current and previous issues of Data Base, please visit the SIGMIS website.
  • Continue to inform members through the SIGMIS listserv.
  • Access to the following content in the ACM Digital Library: Data Base, proceedings of the ACM SIGMIS CPR conferences, and proceedings of conferences and workshops in cooperation with SIGMIS.
  • Reduced registration for SIGMIS sponsored conferences.

Community Benefits Provided by SIGMIS:

  • Continue to inform the community through the SIGMIS website.
  • SIGMIS CPR (Computers & People Research) Conference.  For more information, please visit
    • Present the outstanding conference paper award, entitled “Magid Igbaria Outstanding Conference Paper of the Year Award.”
    • Hold a Doctoral Consortium annually in advance of the conference to provide feedback and guidance to students pursuing a PhD in an area related to computers and people.
    • Funding of attendees to the Doctoral Consortium through our travel grant program.
    • Hold a Posters/Demo session to showcase work-in-progress.
    • Students’ posters and demo submissions are entered into the ACM Student Research Competition.
    • Hold a Journal Editors Panel to assist researchers targeting the journals for publication consideration.
    • Hold an Industry Panel to discuss how to extend research for impact & relevancy beyond contributions to academia.
  • In-cooperation with the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS).
    • Sponsor the Doctoral Dissertation Paper Award.
    • Hold the annual networking reception for SIGMIS members.
  • Continue to represent ACM as a member of a select group to develop model curriculum for education in IS, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Please visit
  • Continue to fund a representative to the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

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