SIGKDD - Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Data


SIGKDD's primary mission is to provide the premier forum for advancement, education, and adoption of the "science" of knowledge discovery and data mining from all types of data stored in computers and networks of computers. SIGKDD promotes basic research and development in KDD, adoption of "standards" in the market in terms of terminology, evaluation, methodology and interdisciplinary education among KDD researchers, practitioners, and users.


SIGKDD benefits for FY 2018:

Member Benefits provided to SIGKDD Members:

  • Receive the hardcopy SIGKDD Explorations newsletter twice a year.
  • Substantial discount on the registration fee for the annual KDD international conference. A single registration fee includes passes to all paper sessions, free tutorials, workshops, and food services, including lunches, breakfasts, receptions, and coffee and snack breaks.
  • Reduced registration rates at conferences co-sponsored by SIGKDD
  • Access to following content on ACM Digital Library
    • Proceedings of conferences sponsored by SIGKDD
    • some conferences and workshops sponsored by SIGKDD
  • Voting rights in SIGKDD elections and in decisions put up for a vote at SIGKDD business meetings held usually at the annual conference.
  • USB Flash Drive containing SIGKDD proceedings in years when it is produced
  • Financial support for some student members to attend the SIGKDD conference (competitive)
  • Notification of conferences, through mail and the SIGKDD electronic member mailing list SIGKDD-ANNOUNCE
  • Documentation and publishing of videos of KDD conference presentations if a conference decides to video-recording presentations.
  • Support networking and career services via LinkedIn and other sites

Community Benefits provided by SIGKDD:

  • Sponsorship of KDD annual conference, including
    • KDD Best Research Paper, Best Application Paper and Best Student Paper awards at the SIGKDD conference.
    • Student travel support to the KDD conference.
  • Co-sponsorship of WSDM conference on Web Search and Data Mining
  • Sponsorship of the KDD Cup and maintenance of the KDD Cup website
  • Annual SIGKDD Innovation and Service awards
  • Annual SIGKDD Dissertation Award
  • Annual SIGKDD Text-of-Time Paper Award
  • SIGKDD Web site, offering archives of SIGKDD Explorations
  • Support ACM competitions in Data Mining for ACM Bay Area Chapter
  • Support selected activities of SIGKDD Chapters
  • Support for industry standardization efforts
  • Support for data science education efforts

Maintain the new SIGKDD and KDD Conference websites featuring state-of-art sharing and social media connections

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