SIGCOMM - Data Communication


The ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication provides a forum for computing professionals involved in the vital field of data communication. SIGCOMM is also a community resource for those interested in network research, network standards, network history, and the educational aspects of networking. SIGCOMM and IEEE co-sponsor the "ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking" journal.


SIGCOMM benefits for FY 2018:

There are two categories of membership, namely regular online and student online.

Member Benefits provided to regular online and student online members are:

  • Monthly e-mail digest with mini-editorials, announcements, and lists of SIGCOMM-related conferences
  • Discounted registration rate for all SIGCOMM sponsored/co-sponsored conferences and workshops, and "in cooperation with" events
  • Access to all SIGCOMM sponsored/co-sponsored conference proceedings in the Digital Library, as well as selected conference proceedings for other conferences held in-cooperation with SIGCOMM

Community Benefits provided by SIGCOMM:

  • Online resources for data communications researchers and professionals
  • Sponsorship of SIGCOMM, CoNEXT, IMC, HotNets, Sensys, ANCS, LANC, ICN, SOSR and e-Energy conferences
  • Award for Lifetime Achievement in and Contributions to Data Communications
  • SIGCOMM "Rising Star" award for a young researcher making outstanding impact early in their career
  • Award for best overall paper at SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Award for best student paper at SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Award for best overall paper at IMC annual conference
  • Award for best overall paper at CoNEXT annual conference
  • Award for best overall paper at eEnergy annual conference
  • Award for best overall paper at SOSR annual conference
  • SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation award
  • Test-of-Time award for best paper published at a SIGCOMM-sponsored venue 10-12 years ago
  • Sponsorship of the ACM-W scholarship, enabling a female student to attend the SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Student Travel Grants for attending SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences
  • GeoDiversity Travel Grants for junior faculty in under-represented regions to attend the SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Grants for childcare and travel companion assistance for attending SIGCOMM
  • Support of education-related activities of the computer networking community at
  • Online publication of the Computer Communication review newsletter at
  • Papers from the SIGCOMM annual conference, selected other SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences, and CCR freely available online
  • Sponsorship of summer schools for doctoral students
  • Awarding grants for ‘community projects’ that benefit the community
  • Financial support for national-level networking research meetings
  • Specialized one-day workshops for presenting recent research results to industry
  • Financial support for regional workshops to bring in keynote speakers

Financial support for TPC members from under-represented regions to attend TPC meetings

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