SIGACT - Special Interest Group on Algorithms & Computation Theory


The ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory is an international organization that fosters and promotes the discovery and dissemination of high quality research in theoretical computer science (TCS), the formal analysis of efficient computation and computational processes. SIGACT, through its awards program, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the field in research and service. TCS covers a wide variety of topics including algorithms, data structures, computational complexity, parallel and distributed computation, probabilistic computation, quantum computation, automata theory, information theory, cryptography, program semantics and verification, machine learning, computational biology, computational economics, computational geometry, and computational number theory and algebra. Work in this field is often distinguished by its emphasis on mathematical technique and rigor.


SIGACT benefits for FY 2018:

Member Benefits provided to SIGACT Members:

  • Access to all SIGACT sponsored and co-sponsored conference proceedings in the ACM Digital Library including some in-cooperation conferences such as SODA
  • Reduced registration rates at SIGACT-sponsored conferences, and through reciprocal agreements for many other major conferences in theoretical computer science
  • Newsletter- SIGACT News, quarterly, print or online subscriptions
  • Reduced rate for membership in EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science)
  • Notification of critical information through mail and the SIGACT electronic member mailing list

Community Benefits provided by SIGACT:

  • Conference sponsorships: PODC, SPAA, STOC, ITCS
  • In-cooperation conferences: PODS, SODA, FOCS, POPL, CCC
  • Awards and grants: Distinguished Service Award, SIGACT Danny Lewin Best Student Paper Award, STOC Best Student Presentation Award, G?del Prize (w/EATCS), Knuth Prize (w/IEEE TCMFC), Paris Kanellakis Award (w/ACM), Lawler Humanitarian Award (w/ACM), Dijkstra Prize (w/SIGOPS), SODA Best Student Paper Award, Student Travel Awards to sponsored conferences, STOC Best Paper Award
  • Support for Women in Theory Workshop
  • Publicity: SIGACT web site, Theorynt email, Theory Announcements Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus
  • SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science for funding and outreach

Represents theoretical computer science community to the ACM and beyond.

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