Publications Board and Committees

The Publication Board is responsible for maintaining ACM’s position as the preferred publisher in computing. The Board also envisions ACM as the principal curator of publication data for the field.

To achieve its goals as a publisher, the Board is committed to (a) maintaining ACM as a brand of quality, (b) providing appropriate and low-cost venues, including journals, proceedings, magazines, and books for the publication of the best content in all areas of computing, and (c) developing sustainable business models for the continued distribution of ACM Publications.

To achieve its goals as a curator, the Board is committed to (a) developing a comprehensive bibliographic database for quality publications within the field of computing, (b) developing useful services around this data, and (c) developing sustainable models for the continued distribution of ACMs curated content and services.

The Publications Board has a three-pronged approach to achieve these overall goals:

  1. Aggressively developing the highest-quality content within the ACM Digital Library (DL)
  2. Ensuring comprehensive coverage of top-tier non-ACM publications in ACM’s Guide to Computing Literature
  3. Providing the best possible experience for authors and readers

Ethics & Plagiarism Committee
The members of the Ethics & Plagiarism Committee are responsible for overseeing all plagiarism cases and issues dealing with professional ethics in publishing.  The members of this committee have a vast knowledge of legal and ethical publishing issues and policies, and work closely with ACM Headquarters Staff, as well as calling on domain experts as needed in individual cases.  In addition, members of this committee consult with the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) for relevant cases.

Chair: Eugene Spafford

Members: Amy Bruckman, Andrew Adams, Joe Konstan, Julie Williamson, Michael S. Kirkpatrick, Simson Garfinkel, Victoria Stodden, Catherine McGeoch, Jack W. Davidson, Scott E. Delman, Deborah Cotton

Digital Library Committee & Technology Committee
The members of the Digital Library Committee are responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for the Digital Library publishing platform, including its functionalities and services. The Committee reviews and evaluates all services offered by ACM in the context of competing and complimentary primary and secondary online resources. This committee works closely with the technical and publishing staff.

The members of the Technology Committee focus on how to provide services that have been deemed necessary by the Digital Library Committee.  The members of this committee have a deep knowledge of technology initially used by authors in publication content preparation.  This committee evaluates and recommends various services and support for authors such as ACM-supported authoring templates and advanced authoring tools that support multimedia embedding and mobile-friendly output formats; strategies and standards for describing, storing, citing and preserving data and software; ways to enable and enhance accessibility; and ways to reduce “pain-points” for authors.  The Technology Committee recommends  any major changes in production infrastructure or adoption of new standards. 

DL Committee Chair:

DL Committee Members: Carol Hutchins, Changsheng Xu, Dina Papgiannaki, Gary Marchionini, Jack Davidson, Jonathan Grudin, Joshua Hailpern, Michael Lesk, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Roch Guerin, Samantha Merritt, Stephen Spencer, Bernie Rous, Wayne Graves, Scott E. Delman, Craig Rodkin

Technology Committee Chair: Alex Wade

Technology Committee Members: Henning Schulzrinne, Mark Gross, Nick Dutt, Bernie Rous, Wayne Graves, Craig Rodkin

Assessment & Search Committee
The members of the Assessment & Search Committee are responsible for evaluating ACM’s existing journals portfolio. They bring recommendations for editorial scope change or cancellation of an existing publication to the Publications Board for decision.  Such evaluations are conducted prior to each search for a new Editor-in-Chief. The journals are assessed according to quantitative usage, performance and management metrics as well as qualitative feedback from the communities served by the publication. 

This Committee is tasked with the evaluation of EICs seeking second term re-appointments and with guiding the ad hoc sub-committees it creates to search for new Editors-in-Chief. 

Co-Chairs: Anne Condon and Chris Hankin

Members: Holly Rushmeier, Janie Irwin, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Jack Davidson, Joe Konstan, Laura Lander, Diane Crawford

New Publications Committee
This Committee has two major functions. The first is to make a general assessment of gaps in ACM’s entire publishing portfolio and to identify hot research topics. 

The second function is specifically to grow the journals publishing program. This will be accomplished in two ways – increasing the volume of submissions to existing titles and launching journals in new areas not adequately covered or not covered at all. The members of this Committee need a broad knowledge of existing publication venues and of research trends and strong networks in various research committees in order to identify champions and solicit proposals from them.

Co-Chairs: Nik Dutt and Sharon Oviatt

Members: Susanne Hambrusch, Wendy Mackay, Carol Hutchins, Scott E. Delman, Laura Lander, Steve Welch

Conference Committee
This Committee’s main purpose is to consider evolving conference reviewing models and recommend updates to ACM’s conference-journal publishing policy in that light. The Committee is also to recommend richer representations of conferences as events in the ACM Digital Library and to conference data capture requirements to enable a richer set of DL services to conferences and their attendees.

The Conference Committee also oversees the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS) and is responsible for assessing this program and appointing its Editor-in-Chief.

The Committee is composed jointly of Pubs Board and SIG representatives.

Chair: Roch Guerin

Members: Crista Lopes, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Lance Fortnow, Koen De Bosschere, Machuda Glencross, Michael Hind, Steven Feiner, Tamer Ozsu, Joe Konstan, Jack Davidson, Donna Cappo

Business Working Group
The overall aim of the Business Working Group is to ensure that ACM publishing policies and its business models are properly aligned. It is composed of the co-chairs of the Publications Board and executive staff directly involved with publications finances.

Chair: Joe Konstan

Members:  Jack Davidson, Pat Ryan, Darren Ramdin, Scott E. Delman, Liz Zhang

Publications Board 2017 Annual Report

Printable PDF file


Publications Board Members

Jack W. Davidson, U Virginia
Joseph A. Konstan, U Minnesota

Phoebe Ayers, MIT
Karin K. Breitman, EMC Brazil
Terry J. Coatta, AssociCom Ltd.
Anne Condon, U British Columbia
Nikil D. Dutt, UC Irvine
Roch Guerin, Washington U
Chris Hankin, Imperial College London
Carol Hutchins, NYU
Michael L. Nelson, Old Dominion University
Sharon Oviatt, Incaa Designs
Eugene H Spafford, Purdue University
Stephen N. Spencer, U. Washington
Alex Wade, Microsoft Research
Keith Webster, Carnegie Mellon University
Julie R. Williamson, University of Glasgow

SGB Liaison
Yannis E. Ioannidis, University of Athens

ACM Director of Publications
Scott E. Delman, ACM

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