ACM Preferred Employer Program

Are you an ACM Preferred Employer?


The ACM Preferred Employer program allows startups and small companies to provide ACM Professional Membership and ACM Digital Library access to their technical staffs.

As an ACM Preferred Employer, you can create a workplace culture that values innovation, self-improvement, and commitment to the broader society.

As a Preferred Employer you can attract serious professionals with a wealth of resources that enable your technical staff to learn new skills, adapt to rapidly changing environments, and grow with the company.

Become an ACM Preferred Employer, and your technical staff will enjoy the benefits of ACM Professional Membership and ACM Digital Library access at a preferred rate.

Empower Your Staff

  • Deliver must-read breaking news, computing research, technology trends, and expert opinion through ACM world-class publications including Communications of the ACM
  • Provide online access to life-long learning tools in ACM's Learning Center that enable your staff to adapt to the rapid pace of technological change
  • Give your technical staff access to cutting-edge research in every area of computing through the renowned ACM Digital Library

Gain Recruiting Advantages

  • Discounted recruitment ads on the ACM Career and Job Center, one of the computing industry's most trusted job boards
  • ACM website recognition for your company and your technical staff
  • ACM Preferred Employer branding to bolster your corporate branding and recruitment efforts

Enjoy Financial Benefits

  • Only $99 per employee, a 50% savings off our yearly fees for ACM professional membership and individual access to the ACM Digital Library
  • Registration discounts for more than 175 international conferences featuring leading experts in computing and information technology

Easy Entry
Simply provide a list of employee names and email addresses. We'll contact your employees to request mailing addresses for Communications of the ACM print editions, and explain how they can access the ACM Digital Library and learning resources. ACM handles the mechanics of annual billing, and adding and removing employees dynamically as they are hired and separated.

Here's How to Apply
To learn more about the program, complete the online application.

For more information, contact Cindy Ryan at [email protected] or 212-626-0510.




View the list of ACM Preferred Employers

Hear What PEP Employers Are Saying About the Program

Joyent SVP of Engineering Bryan Cantrill, an ACM Preferred Employer, on why he joined:

"We pride ourselves on attracting and building software engineering professionals. This program says that we value both innovation and rigor. It says we believe in constantly improving ourselves and our craft. It says that we embrace our public responsibility as engineers. In short, it speaks to everything we aspire to be."


OmniTI Founder Theo Schlossnagle on why he's an ACM Preferred Employer:

"I take my professional career in computer science very seriously, and it's important to me that every software engineer I employ does so too. ACM awareness and interest is something we look for in new hires, and the ACM Preferred Employer Program provides us the perfect avenue for providing them the benefits of membership. I can't imagine not having this to offer to my employees."


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