Welcome to the Ambassadors for ACM Program

Your opportunity to share the value of an ACM Membership with your friends and colleagues, and receive free gifts for participating

How the program works:

  1. Tell your friends, peers, and co-workers about ACM. Simply complete the Ambassadors for ACM Referral Form and we'll send them a special email invitation to join at a low introductory rate! Or, encourage them to fill out our Ambassadors for ACM Professional and Student PDF applications.

  2. You will be eligible to receive a free gift when your first referral joins, as well as an additional free gift for every other referral who joins (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th etc.). Each time one of your prize-qualifying referrals joins, you will receive an email notification with an embedded link to our page of prizes. Simply select the gift you want and it will be shipped to you at no cost. Have a look at the great gifts that await you!

  3. For every 10th referral who joins ACM, you will receive a special bonus gift!

  4. Each month, the leading Ambassador will be added to the pool of winners competing for the Grand Prize. Shortly after the completion of the current Ambassadors for ACM program on June 30, 2018, the winner will be selected randomly from the pool of top 12 Ambassadors.

Our members are our greatest asset. Member support of ACM is critical to our continuing efforts to advance computing as a science and a profession.

We hope you consider becoming an Ambassador for ACM!

Top Ambassadors for ACM

ACM is pleased to announce the following top recruiters in the Ambassadors for ACM member recruitment program for the first three quarters of the 2016-2017 program year:

  • July 2016: Akhilreddy Gopu
  • August: Sudarshan Iyengar
  • September: Rohit Narayanan
  • October: Tintu Thomas
  • November: Ruth G. Lennon
  • December: Tanmoy Mukherjee
  • January 2017: Pankaj Kumar Sharma
  • February: Saranyu A.V.H.
  • March: Syed Taha
  • April: Balasubramani R
  • May: Abduladhem Abdulkareem Ali
  • June (4-way tie):
    Omer Van Der Horst Jansen
    Abhishek Bajpai
    Manas Marthi
    Yetunde Folajimi
  • July: Balasubramani R
  • August: Esmeralda Jimenez Morales
  • September: Aditya  Vikram  Agarwal

These members each received gifts from ACM acknowledging their initiative in sharing the importance of ACM's valuable programs. Learn more about rules, recruitment tips and tools, and prizes.

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