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Meet Featured ACM Distinguished Speaker Jean-Daniel Fekete

Jean-Daniel Fekete is Senior Research Scientist (DR1, equivalent to Full Professor) at INRIA, France. His main Research areas are Visual Analytics, Information Visualization and Human Computer Interaction. He was a member of the ACM SIGCHI Conference Management Committee, in charge of Data Analysis from 2010-2011. An ACM member, his main publication venues are the ACM SIGCHI and IEEE VIS conferences.

Image of ACM Distinguished Speaker Jean-Daniel Fekete

ACM Student Research Competition

The ACM Student Research Competition, sponsored by Microsoft, is an internationally recognized venue enabling undergraduate and graduate students to experience the research world, share research results and exchange ideas, rub shoulders with academic and industry luminaries, understand the practical applications of their research and gain recognition.

Meet Yuan Xie

Yuan Xie is a Professor of Computer Engineering and Director of the Scalable and Energy-Efficient Architecture Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (JETC) and a Senior Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Design Automation for Electronic Systems (TODAES). “My students and I have put a lot of effort into novel architectures for emerging workloads with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.”

Image of Yuan Xie

Meet Maja Matari?

Maja Matari? is the Chan Soon-Shiong Professor of Computer Science, with appointments in the Neuroscience Program and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California. She is also founding director of USC’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center, Co-director of the USC Robotics Research Lab, and Vice Dean for Research at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. 

Image of Maja Matari?

Why I Belong to ACM

Hear from Bryan Cantrill, vice president of engineering at Joyent, Ben Fried chief information officer at Google, and Theo Schlossnagle, OmniTI founder on why they are members of ACM.

Become an Ambassador for ACM

Encourage your colleagues to join ACM, share the benefits of ACM and receive free gifts for participating. Your support of ACM is critical to our continuing efforts to advance computing as a science and a profession. 

Ambassador for ACM Program

Customer Service FAQ

Do you have questions about your member benefits, how to update your contact information, how to renew your membership, or claim missing issues? If so, visit ACM’s Customer Service FAQ for answers to these questions and more.

ACM membership FAQ

Guiding Members with a Framework of Ethical Conduct

Learn more about ACM’s commitment to ethical standards: the ACM Code of Ethics, Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, and Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE), which is guiding these and other intiatives.

Volunteer with SocialCoder

You can use your technical skills for social good and offer volunteer support on software development projects to organizations who could not otherwise afford it. SocialCoder connects volunteer programmers/software developers with registered charities and helps match them to suitable projects based on their skills, experience, and the causes they care about. Learn more about ACM’s new partnership with SocialCoder, and how you can get involved.

Meet Computing Professionals Near You

ACM has launched a local events initiative in several major US cities to help computer professionals like you build personal networks of smart technical people nearby. You can share work experiences and insight, discuss new research ideas and provide guidance in finding a job or launching a new venture.

ACM Local Meet up groups

ACM Members Around the World

Image of map containing concentrated areas of ACM members

Membership Options and Rates

Membership options and rates for professionals, students, those residing in developing countries, and members of other computing societies.

Request ACM Membership Information

Encourage your peers, colleagues and students to join ACM—request membership applications, brochures and posters to  promote ACM membership at your institution.

Order Complimentary Materials for Your Students!

ACM offers complimentary materials for students and professionals interested in the computing field. These materials are available to educators and students for educational use.

Vicki Hanson on How Women Are Reshaping Computing

In her blog post for Computer Weekly's WITsend blog, ACM President Vicki Hanson discusses ACM's all-female leadership team, how diversity is helping to redefine what a computing professional is, and how the digital world is expanding career opportunities for non-technical people. "While most will not become expert, basic skills will be required for them to be effective in their careers and to deal with the myriad of online offerings for communication, entertainment, retail, and government services," she says.

Computer Weekly blog by Vicki Hanson

2016-2017 Ambassadors for ACM Grand Prize Recipient

ACM congratulates Rohit Narayanan, a student in computer science at Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT), Cochin, who won the 2016-2017 Ambassadors for ACM Grand Prize, a GoPro Hero 4 camera. Narayanan is also Vice Chair of the FISAT ACM Student Chapter. Winning the 2nd Grand Prize (a Fitbit Surge) was Tintu Thomas, of Amaljyothi College of Engineering.

ACM Distinguished Speakers Program

The Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP) is one of ACM's most valued outreach programs, providing universities, corporations, event and conference planners, and local ACM chapters with direct access to top technology leaders and innovators from nearly every sector of the computing industry. ACM will cover the cost of transportation for the speaker to travel to your event.

Become an ACM Preferred Employer

Empower your staff, gain recruiting advantages and enjoy financial benefits. Become an ACM Preferred Employer, and your technical staff will enjoy all the benefits of ACM Professional Membership and access to the ACM Digital Library at a preferred rate.

News Resources for Members

ACM Bulletins - ACM member news
People of ACM Bulletins - highlighting outstanding ACM members
MemberNet - monthly newsletter of ACM people and activities
CareerNews - digest of career-related topics of interest
ACM-W Connections Newsletter - from ACM Women's Council

Get Involved with ACM

ACM is a volunteer-led and member-driven organization. Everything ACM accomplishes is through the efforts of people like you. A wide range of activities keep ACM moving, including organizing conferences, editing journals, reviewing papers and participating on boards and committees, to name just a few. Find out all the ways that you can volunteer with ACM.

Lifelong Learning

ACM offers lifelong learning resources including online books from Safari, online courses from Skillsoft, webinars on the hottest topics in computing and IT, and more.


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