Chapter Website Hosting

Chapter officers are now able to set up their chapter web site on the ACM servers and publicize it through the URL http://your_chapter_name.mygoogletrends.com. To take advantage of this service, Chapter officers should complete this form.

The chapter server account will allow officers to load files through SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH) to set up and maintain their chapter web pages. Technologies available to Chapters include PHP, MySQL, Tomcat, and Perl. ACM will consider loading any open source software that chapters may need to develop and maintain their web pages. Chapter officers should submit their requests to the  ACM IS Department.

WIKI and Blogs

ACM offers two Wiki engines: 

  • MediaWiki, the software of Wikipedia
  • MoinMoin, an advanced, easy to use, extensible WikiEngine

Chapter officers will be able to start a wiki for their Chapter to carry out activities that require collaborative writing, document sharing, and website management.

ACM also offers the  Movabletype publishing platform for Chapter officers and members to use in setting up blogs relevant to their Chapter activities and interests.

To request WIKI/Blog for your chapter, please  complete this form.

Why I Belong to ACM

Hear from Bryan Cantrill, vice president of engineering at Joyent, Ben Fried chief information officer at Google, and Theo Schlossnagle, OmniTI founder on why they are members of ACM.

Lifelong Learning

ACM offers lifelong learning resources including online books from Safari, online courses from Skillsoft, webinars on the hottest topics in computing and IT, and more.


Get Involved with ACM

ACM is a volunteer-led and member-driven organization. Everything ACM accomplishes is through the efforts of people like you. A wide range of activities keep ACM moving, including organizing conferences, editing journals, reviewing papers and participating on boards and committees, to name just a few. Find out all the ways that you can volunteer with ACM.

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