About Chapters

ACM Chapters Connect Computing Professionals Worldwide

ACM fosters growth in the computing community through its more than 180 professional and more than 680 student chapters worldwide. Chapters establish a local presence for ACM in international cities from New York to Beijing, as well as in more remote locations such as Cyprus, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Regardless of size or location, every ACM chapter offers members a wealth of benefits, including access to critical research and the opportunity to establish a personal networking system in the region.

ACM’s local Special Interest Group (SIG) chapters around the world host lectures by internationally known computer professionals. They also sponsor state‐of‐the‐art seminars on the most pressing issues in information technology, conduct volunteer training workshops, and publish their own newsletters.

The ACM Women's Council (ACM‐W) sponsors more than 90 professional chapters, which work to increase recruitment and retention of women in computing at the university level. ACM‐W chapters offer professionals activities and projects that aim to improve the working and learning environments for women in computing.

Participation in all these chapters provides a unique combination of social interaction and professional dialogue among peers in their respective geographic areas. ACM Chapter members reflect all facets of computing from academia, research, business, and industry. Because of their subject‐specific nature, chapters typically focus on information and insight not easily found elsewhere.

Student Chapters Enhance Learning and Career Development

ACM has established more than 680 student chapters throughout the world that give students opportunities to play active roles in the association and its activities. By organizing technical talks, workshops, field trips and programming contests, ACM Student Chapters facilitate communication and collaboration within a university’s computer science community and with the computing community at large. Through its sponsorship of student chapters, ACM also enhances learning via the exchange of ideas among students, and between students and established professionals.

Student chapter members can also take advantage of ACM activities and services. Opportunities include the Distinguished Speakers Program, the International Collegiate Programming Contest, and the Student Research Competition. Student chapters provide a natural setting to develop and demonstrate the leadership capabilities critical to students’ career development. They also help students get involved in the business world with workshops, resume assistance, and career building initiatives.

Get Involved

Joining an ACM chapter conveys a profound interest and dedication to the computing discipline. The next step is volunteering in a variety of roles and capacities that can benefit the chapter and advance career opportunities as well.

Volunteer activities range from running for elected positions on chapter and SIG boards and serving in a wide variety of planning, management, and logistical support functions at SIG conferences. Members who get involved with ACM are creating networking and learning opportunities that advance both organizational and personal development.

Have Questions...Get Answers...Chapters FAQ

Visit ACM Chapters FAQ for answers to questions about web accounts, the administrative interface, annual reports, new chapter officers, and more.


Chapter Administrative Interface

The Administrative Interface helps manage member rosters, add newly elected officers, update address and contact information, submit events to the ACM Local Activities Calendar, and produce annual reports.

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